Academy for Lifelong Learning

The Academy for Lifelong Learning class offerings are diverse. Five strands encompass the Arts, Issues and Ideas, Humanities, Science, and World Cultures. Each term volunteers arrange and schedule ten classes per strand. The Arts strand seeks presenters experienced in fine arts, music, theatre, and writing. Often there are live performances and trips to exhibitions, and local artists perform and engage with audiences. The Issues and Ideas strand illuminates contemporary issues and controversial ideas. Classes engage in discussions on government and religion, war and peace, public and private enterprise, individualism and with a wealth of thoughtful dialogue and discussion. The Humanities strand focuses on the disciplines: history, philosophy, religion, and literature. In addition, the strand examines practical application of psychology and the social sciences, as they affect contemporary society. Science strand classes cover physics, chemistry, and biology; the history of science; and current engineering and technology. Science classes are designed for general audiences. Each term, the Global Topics strand explores the world: contemporary issues or conflicts, geography, history, the arts, and culture. Often, citizens of the region or U.S. travelers are presenters. The standard time slot of strand presentations rotates each term. For example, the Science strand may have its presentations on Wednesday mornings one term and then have them on Thursdays the next term.

Accommodating Those With Diverse Abilities

ALL is committed to providing an equal opportunity for those with diverse abilities to participate in classes and events. The Meeting Room is accessible by wheelchair and has a sound system and listening devices to assist those with hearing limitations. Requests for other types of accommodations can be made by contacting the Program Coordinator (541-737-9405) at least seven days before the class or event.

About ALL

“All About ALL: The Video” is on YouTube.
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