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ALL has always been a member run organization. The founders did everything. Now there are more of us so we share the opportunities. We choose the curriculum, host the socials, get the word out into the community, take care of the classroom and provide A/V support, do occasional ad hoc jobs, and serve as Board members. We serve for a varying period of time, then step aside for someone else. Can you be included in the pool to step up when an opening arises? There is always something available. If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the Volunteer Form button in the left column.

Volunteer Opportunities

Curriculum Committee: Arts, Humanities, Issues & Ideas, Science, and World Cultures strands. Other committees: Public Information, Facilities, Zoom Moderators, Scholarships, and Summer Term committees. Board of Directors You might have skills and interests that could help ALL in ways that haven’t yet been mentioned.

Volunteer FAQ

How much time does it take? It varies with the job. Mostly it comes in flurries of a few hours in a week followed by no activity at all for a few weeks. How many meetings are required? Very few, and not in summer. The Board and Curriculum Committee Strand Coordinators meet monthly, the Strand members quarterly at most, and other committees meet as needed. Aside from meetings, how would I spend my time? It depends on the committee. For example, the Curriculum Committee does a lot of emailing; while the Facilities Committee involves managing the classroom at 7 - 10 classes per term (typically ones you planned to attend anyway). How would I be trained? In person by the others in your group. We have written Policies and Procedures so nobody is left guessing. We help each other out all the time. How do I know what to say in those emails? Boilerplate samples are provided for all types of situations. You don’t have to compose your own. How can I learn more? If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, click on the Volunteer Form button in the left column. This will take you to an online form, much like online registration--only shorter. Fill out and submit the form; someone will get back to you
This page updated 11/6/2022