Academy for Lifelong Learning


The Academy for Lifelong Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We currently have two funds that you can support with your donations: The Operations Fund provides extra support for ALL in its mission of providing ongoing educational opportunities to all of its members. The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to full time undergraduate students in their final year of study who qualify for financial assistance. The Membership Assistance Fund, which provides a limited number of grants to ALL members who need financial assistance to pay their annual membership dues, currently has enough money to meet our needs. Thus we have temporarily suspended accepting donations to this fund. We encourage you to support one of our other funds this year. Consider sharing your love of learning with others by making a donation to one or both of these funds today. Just click on the Donate Now button to be connected to our secure donation processing system. All donations to these funds are tax deductible as allowed by law.
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Oregon Cultural Trust

ALL is registered as a cultural organization with the Oregon Cultural Trust. If you make a donation to ALL and match that donation with a donation to the Cultural Trust, you can claim a tax credit on your Oregon tax return for the amount donated to the Cultural Trust—up to $500 for an individual or $1,000 for a couple. Go to the Trust website for more information --
This page updated 6/4/2023