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Thanks to the Delta Variant, ALL Classes Remain Online for Winter 2022 The last class of Fall Term Will be December 2 Winter Term Schedule Available Register Now
6/2/2021 Good friends in ALL, Congratulations! We end this year proud to say we offered 90 online classes. Everyone contributed: the tech moderators, hosts, and all of you who learned how to attend a Webinar. And now to address (a) the academic year 2021-2022, (b) recording online classes, and (c) your dues. The academic year 2021 -2022: Online for Fall Term? Yes. All the classes will be Webinars. Online for Winter and Spring Term? We do not yet know. What have we heard from the Church? Nothing. They are not yet holding in person services. We need to wait until they contact us with something concrete to offer. We are aware of other organizations with complicated plans regulating seating distance and room capacity. The practical problems are formidable. ALL will balance the benefit of in-person classes with any limits on attendance. Recording online classes: Your Board has discussed this endlessly. At this point, ALL does not endorse recording of online sessions. At the same time, we acknowledge that nothing can be done to prevent someone from doing so on their own. Your dues: The annual dues will be $85 per year per person. Our treasurer has prepared 3 different budgets, to accommodate the knowns and unknowns. Knowns: fixed (or nearly so) expenses Unknowns: Income— there is no way to know for sure how many members we will have. Approximately 100 members chose not to renew their membership this year. Expenses: if we get back into the Church we assume a rise in rental fees. Assuming our membership (and hence income) stays about where it is: If all 3 terms for 2021-2022 are online, we will see a loss of under $1000. If 2 terms are online (Fall and Winter) and 1 term (Spring) is in person, we will see a loss of little over $8000. If 1 term is online (Fall) and 2 terms (Winter and Spring) are in person, we will see a loss of over $12,000. ALL has funds to cover this emergency situation for now. Clearly we need our dues-paying members. We are all in this together. We hope and trust that you will hang in there with us for what we hope and trust will not be too much longer. As soon as there are any new developments, you will be informed. Meanwhile, thank you so much for your continued support of our excellent organization. Be well, Judy Ringle, Outgoing Board Chair, turning over the gavel to Janet Wolf-Eshe, incoming Board Chair


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