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 Academy for Lifelong Learning

2021 - 2022 ALL Membership Dues The coronavirus certainly has had an impact on our operations, but we have managed to continue providing an exceptional set of classes using the Zoom webinar platform.   The Curriculum Committee and the technical volunteers have produced 90 classes during 2020 -2021.  This online presentation of classes will continue through at least the Fall 2021 term.  Taking into consideration the continuation of the online venue for at least part of the year and the fact that approximately 100 members chose not to renew their membership during this past year, the Board of Directors has set the membership fee for the 2021 - 2022 year at $85.   Tax Deductible Donation:  ALL is a nonprofit organization.  Your membership dues support our entire operation.  While some of our expenses are eliminated when no onsite classes are held, many of our expenses continue to be incurred even when classes are cancelled.  If you wish to provide some extra support for ALL to help cover our ongoing expenses during this unusual time, we would encourage you to make a tax deductible donation to our Operations Fund when you pay your dues.  A donation can easily be added to your dues payment when you pay online using your credit or debit card.
This page updated 6/21/2021