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How to Attend an Academy for Lifelong Learning Class Using Zoom Since you are reading this online, there is a very high probability that you have what you need to attend an ALL class on Zoom Webinar. At a minimum you need an internet connection and a device with a web browser, e.g. Firefox. Zoom works with almost any device—Windows, Android, iOS, OSX. However, while the conceptual actions are the same, the specific details of what you need to do are, as you probably expect, slightly different depending on your operating system and the screen size. In each weekly newsletter the ALL Program Coordinator will include three things for each of the classes coming up: a web link, a Webinar ID, and a passcode. Using the link is the easiest way to get started. The Webinar ID and associated passcode allow one to use the Zoom app which provides some additional functionality. For simplicity this Getting Started guide focuses on using the link without installing anything new. Near the end of this guide, information will be provided regarding other ways of accessing Zoom. This is a non-working example of a Zoom Webinar link: Each class will have a unique link. You don't need to install any extra software to join a Zoom webinar. You can do it all with a web browser. 1. Click on the link in the weekly ALL newsletter email. 2. A new tab will open on your preferred web browser. If you don't have the Zoom app installed, the Zoom web page will urge you to download it. 3. A pop-up window may indicate that a download has already begun. Cancel the download. 4. Ignore the request that you download the App and skip down to the small print: "If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.” Click the highlighted text "join from your browser". 5. In some cases you may not see the text noted above. If so, click on “launch meeting” and then cancel any download. 6. Now you should almost certainly see “join from your browser” on the Zoom web page. Click it. 7. Sign in with your name to join the webinar. 8. If you have tried to join the meeting before the moderator has ‘opened the room’ (typically 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin), a message will appear asking you to wait. In this case, “wait” means do nothing; you do not need to sign in again later unless you break the connection. If you have trouble joining the webinar, please send an email to and describe the problem. Do not expect an immediate response, although you might get one depending on several factors. However, you should get a response within a couple of days. During the meeting Your microphone and camera will be automatically disconnected when you are admitted to the room. To see the Webinar Controls, you may need to move the cursor to the top or bottom of the meeting window depending on your specific device. With some devices, pressing the ALT key toggles the control bar. You may leave the meeting at any time by clicking the red Leave Meeting or Leave button—One of the Webinar Controls typically at the lower or upper right of the meeting window depending on your device. However, at the end of the class, the moderator will disconnect everyone automatically; so you do not have to do anything. To ask a question, click on the Q&A button on the Webinar Controls bar. Type your question. The moderator will pass the question to the presenter at an appropriate time. Other ways of joining a Zoom meeting Go to . Click on the Join a Meeting tab. Enter the Meeting/Webinar ID. Enter your name and demonstrate that you are not a robot. Click Join. Enter the passcode. Click Join. Click Join Audio by Computer. If the Zoom app has already been installed on your device, clicking on the link will initiate a series of automated steps that should culminate in you being admitted to the meeting. (In one of the early steps, you might need to confirm that you wish to open Zoom.) Alternatively, if Zoom has already been installed on your device, you may open it, click on join a meeting, and then enter the Meeting ID and passcode. Installing the Zoom App As previously noted, you do not need to install the Zoom app to use Zoom. However, having your own free account provides additional functionality, including the ability to host your own meetings. If you want to install the Zoom app, you may click on the link in the email and then click on “download and run Zoom”. See step 2, above. Alternatively, if you want to install Zoom, you may go to . Click on the Plans and Pricing tab and then sign up for the Basic (free) plan. Comments and References Be aware that Zoom and ALL sometimes use specific words to mean slightly different things. In particular, Zoom uses “host” to mean the person with technical control of the meeting, while ALL uses the same word to identify the ALL member who introduces the presenter—just like in-person classes. All uses “moderator” to identify the person with technical control of the meeting. This is similar to the Facilities Committee tech during in-person classes; but the moderator additionally provides considerably more control over the interactions between the attendees and the presenter. Getting started. This page is essentially the Zoom index to all sorts of basic information about using Zoom. Joining and participating in a webinar (attendee). This page is the much more detailed Zoom version of the above procedures. Of particular value, about half way down the page is a section called Webinar Controls. participating-in-a-webinar-attendee-

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