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Most class notes are stored on Google Drive. To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in. If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to view or download ALL Class Notes. The Class Notes links will open a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. Yee’s Plays 2023-04-05 Robert Leff has provided a handout. Better Outcomes 2023-03-08 Brenda Downum, Xan Augerot and Jef Van Arsdall have provided slides: JSIP Assesment, Measure 2-140 . Coffin Butte 2023-03-02 Joel Geier has provided slides. Benton Bounty Historical Society 2023-02-21 Hessica Hougen has provided slides. Alt High School 2023/02/08 Robert Leff has provided a young adult book list. HomeSharing 2023/02/01 Judy Smith has provided a handout and a link to an e-book. Environmental Health 2023/01/26 Robyn Tanguay has provided slides. Russian Power 2023/01/25 Sarah Henerson has provided slides. Brazil 2023/01/24 Peter Knight has provided slides. Scotland 2023/01/18 Margaret Hubbard has provided her slides to which contact information has been added. Rocketry 2023/01/17 Gary Lech has provided his slides, and Jacob Colton has provided his slides. Travel Tips 1/10/2023 Anne McAlpin has provided pre-class material and travel tips. Single Payer 1/5/2023 Samuel Metz has provided notes. Better Sleep 1/3/2023 Suzanne Davis has provided a link to her website, a pamphlet and references. Storytelling 12/1/2022 Michelle Sugiyama has provided slides. Morpholinos 11/30/2022 James Summerton and Lena Kinion provided slides. Healthy Lifestyle 11/9/2022 Maret Traber provided a pre-class reference list. She also has provided her slides and responded to questions regarding milk (1, 2) Cannabis as Medicine 10/27/2022 Rhea Graham provides some notes and a brochure. Affordable Housing 10/25/2022 Penny York provided her slides. Brigetta Olson provided her slides. Uzhhorod 10/18/2022 Pete Bober has provided slides and links. Therapies -- Heroic vs Moderation 10/11/2022 Paul Kopperman has provided his slides. Science, Religion and Truth 10/5/2022 John Tucker has provided a reading list. Recycling 9/29/2022 Julie Jackson provided her slides. Nuclear Energy 9/28/2022 Alexander Chemey provided his slides. Shamanism 9/22/2022 Will Bradley provided references and contact information. OSU Arts and Education 6/2/2022 Peter Betjemann provided his slides. State of Benton County 5/31/2022 Nancy Wyse provided her slides. Nick Furth provided his slides and slides from the Criminal Justice Assessment. Climate Crisis - Then and Now 5/25/2022 Scott Gianelli has provided slides. Housing in Corvallis 5/18/2022 Brigetta Olson and Paul Bilotta have provided their slides. ViewPlus 5/3/2022 John Gardner has provided slides. Unity Shelter 5/3/2022 Shawn Collins has provided slides.

Class Notes

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