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Most class notes are stored on Google Drive.  To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in.  If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to view or download ALL class notes.  The Class Notes links will open a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. Aging and Public Policy 6/3/2021   Mark Henkels has provided his slides. COVID-19 Update 5/26/2021    Adam Brady has provided his slides. Middle East Security 5/25/2021   David Fenner has provided a list of resources. Proteins 5/13/2021   Andy Karpus has provided his slides. Language through Time 5/5/2021   Thomas Payne has provided his CV and slides.  Melissa Redford has provided her slides. Deeksha 4/29/2021   Karyn Chambers has provided some references and her thesis. Hopeful Future 4/27/2021   Bruce Lusignan has provided his slides in two sets:  part 1 and part 2. Corvallis City Government 4/24/2021   Paul Shaffer has provided his slides. Fires in PNW 4/15/2021    Meg Krawchuk has provided her slides. Youth Orchestra 4/13/2021   Annissa Bolder has provided her slides. Yoga 4/13/2021   Suzanne Davis has provided links to two videos used during the class:  warm uppose options Non-violent Communication 4/8/2021   Tina Taylor has provided her slides and a link to handouts on her website. Universal Health Care 4/1/2021    Ed Junkins, Mike Huntington and Warren George have provided their slides.  There is also a graphic. Vote By Mail 3/31/2021   Phil Keisling has provided his slides. Public Trust in Science 3/11/2021   Chinh Le has provided his slides. Know Thyself 3/5/2021   Kevin Osterloh has provided a handout.    Immune System 3/3/2021   Adrian Gombart has provided slides. Universe 3/2/2021  Paul deLespinasse has provided a notes and reviews. Sacred and Mystical 2/10/2021   Judy Ringle has provides some notes and her slides. OSU Forests 2/4/2021   Steve Cook has provided background material and notes for his presentation. Saving Atlantis 2/2/2021   Justin Smith and David Baker have provided a link to their website. Business of Higher Education 1/28/2021   Jon Boeckenstedt has provided his slides. Old Mill Center 1/21/2021   Bettina Schempf has provided her slides. Minorities in Theatre 1/19/2021   Robert Leff has provided links to reading materail and YouTube presentations of songs referenced in his presentation. Anticipating COVID-19 1/14/2021   Ben Mutschler has provided link to purchase a book at discount. Anti-Semitism 1/13/2021   Elizabeth Barstow has shared her slides. Shifting Sands 1/7/2021  David Fenner has provided a resource list and an evaluation form. Borders 12/3/2020  Bill Kemper has shared his slides and links to the videos. Policing 12/1/2020   Nick Hurley has shared his slides. Faith and Knowledge 11/10/2020  David Bella has shared several files:  Camel, Briefing, Video, Slides CRISPR 10/27/2020  Micheal Freitag has shared his slides. Fire and Smoke 10/27/2020  Bill Robbins has shared his slides and script.

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