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Most class notes are stored on Google Drive. To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in. If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to view or download ALL Class Notes. The Class Notes links will open a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2023-11-09 Hannah Bittneer and Misha Zyryanov have provided their slides. Benton County Wildlife 2023-11-07 Randy Comeleo has provided two readings--1, 2. Alchemy 2023-10-19 Frederick Porcheddu has provided his email and a link to his website. Bioenergy 2023-10-12 Gregory Rorrer has provided a course outline, his slides and his bio. Forensics 2023-10-10 Jenna Rojas has provided much additional information. Aging with Others 2023-10-04 Margaret Manoogian has provided slides. Social Justice 2023-09-21 Betty LaDuke has provided slides. Quest for Power 2023-09-19 Richard Heinberg has provided links to additional readings. Fort Hoskins 2023-08-18 Don Hall has provided a list of books that are available. Emergency Planning 2023-06-01 Bryan Lee and Chelsea Chytka have provided their slides. Attorney Licensure 2023-05-30 Brian Gallini has provided slides Corvallis Government 2023-05-25 Hyatt Lytle and Paul Shaffer have proded their slides and additional links. Human Associations 2023-05-18 Paul deLespinasse has provided a handout. African Family 2023-05-02 Isidore Lobnibe has provided a coupon for his book. Lights, Camera, Action 2023-05-03 Kate Hickok Feldman has provided a handout. Public Education 2023-04-27 Ryan Noss has provided slides. Artist’s Talk 2023-04-26 Michael Boonstra has provided slides. Haiti 2023-04-25 Dwane Plaza has provided slides. Building Bridges 2023-04-18 Cheryl Nee-Gieringer has provided slides and a way to provide feedback. Ecuador Xpats 2023-04-13 Bart and Leah Bolger have provided their slides. Yee’s Plays 2023-04-05 Robert Leff has provided a handout. Wasting Our Waste 2023-04-04 Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann has shared his slides and a technology comparison matrix. Better Outcomes 2023-03-08 Brenda Downum, Xan Augerot and Jef Van Arsdall have provided slides: JSIP Assesment, Measure 2-140 . Coffin Butte 2023-03-02 Joel Geier has provided slides. Benton Bounty Historical Society 2023-02-21 Hessica Hougen has provided slides. Alt High School 2023/02/08 Robert Leff has provided a young adult book list. HomeSharing 2023/02/01 Judy Smith has provided a handout and a link to an e-book. Environmental Health 2023/01/26 Robyn Tanguay has provided slides. Russian Power 2023/01/25 Sarah Henerson has provided slides. Brazil 2023/01/24 Peter Knight has provided slides. Scotland 2023/01/18 Margaret Hubbard has provided her slides to which contact information has been added. Rocketry 2023/01/17 Gary Lech has provided his slides, and Jacob Colton has provided his slides. Travel Tips

Class Notes

Not every class has notes. Class Notes are typically posted by the Monday after the class.
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