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 Academy for Lifelong Learning

As an independent contractor, the candidate will be responsible for the timely delivery of specified deliverables.  Most of the work can be done at home with no fixed time commitments.   Some limited meetings require attendance for taking notes and providing feedback to the Board and Curriculum Committee.  With few exceptions, meetings are scheduled at least a month ahead with most meetings documented on an annual calendar. The candidate needs to be proficient in Microsoft Office and preferably Google Suite.  While not all of these packages are fully used by the PC, familiarity with many of these applications is required.  In particular, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Google Docs are critical applications.  Having the ability to create PDF files using any of these applications is required.  In addition to having the software experience, the candidate needs to have their own computer, a color printer and scanner (could be combined), etc.  Microsoft Office can be provided if necessary. The deliverables include, but are not limited to: • Creation and maintenance/update ALL’s spreadsheets (or databases), including, but not limited to: rosters, membership spreadsheet, speaker spreadsheet, term by term schedule of classes’ spreadsheet and other requested spreadsheets (new spreadsheets upon approval of the Board Chair.) • Process Mail: distribute to appropriate individuals as needed. • Create Cash and Credit Card Deposits once a week during the academic year, unless otherwise arranged, and during summer months and breaks, as negotiated with the Treasurer. Create End of Month Report for Treasurer. • Serve as registrar, utilizing Spreadsheets, (or databases) each term to reflect number of members signed up for that term, including summer term. • Update Member List as members pay, create and mail out name badges with receipts. • Serve as gateway for communication by checking the message phone each business day and sending weekly communication emails specifically targeted to news agencies, Building and Equipment Use (CC, FC, Board, and Church) and Members (listserv). Communicate with committees via email upon request of the Board Chair. • Assist the Curriculum Committee, Facilities Committee, Schedule of Classes Editor and other committees, as designated by the Board Chair: maintain and update each term’s Schedule of Classes spreadsheet, make special room and tour bus arrangements, keep each class’s registration counts up to date, update the pre-class PowerPoint weekly during the term, create mailing spreadsheet for the Schedule of classes, create guest lists for Gala Dinners and other events, and provide thank you notes for hosts as needed. Serve as note taker as directed by the Board Chair. • Create written communications including, but not limited to: presenter letters, supervisor thank you letters, end of year presenter invitations, thank you letters to OSU Department Heads and Leaders, scholarship and member aid thank you letters and letters to non-email users at the beginning of each term. Other letters created at the request of the Board Chair. • Assist the ALL Board of Directors in their duties, including, but not limited to: schedule rooms for extra meetings/committees, take notes and assist the Board Secretary as requested, and communicate with the Board upon request of the Board Chair. • Assist the Summer Term Committee: maintain and update summer term’s Schedule of Classes spreadsheet, assist with tour bus arrangements, and keep each class’s registration counts up to date. • Assist the Web editor in maintaining and updating the ALL website and Facebook page. • Manage the online contractor document storage site (Dropbox) and committee notebook [TOC] Compensation will be negotiated upon acceptance of an offer to be the independent contractor.  The anticipated compensation will be based on the assumption of approximately 520 hours over a twelve month period.  Due to the nature of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, the work load varies with the class schedules with peak months of September, October, December, January, March and April.  The initial monthly contract rate is anticipated to start at $1,000/month.  Both the terms of the contract and initial yearly compensation are negotiable with upside potential raises after the initial six months of the contract. If interested in applying for the position, please email a cover letter and resume to:  



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