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Map to First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Rd, Corvallis, where most classes are held in the Meeting Room.  (ALL is not affiliated with the church.)

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COVID-19 Responses by ALL

March 19, 2020 Dear ALL Community: The past week has been very hectic and worrisome for all of us. The ALL community was very understanding when the last message was sent cancelling ALL classes through May 4th. Since then the First Congregational Church has announced the Church would be closed until at least May 11th. In addition, all schools in the State will be closed through at least April 28th. OSU’s decision to move to remote instruction for the Spring Term is a significant factor in ALL’s decision. The ALL Board has adopted the following measure: COVID-19 Coronavirus Continuing Response: For the safety and consideration of the ALL community, the original cancellation of ALL classes has been extended to the entire term. The Celebration Dinner, scheduled for June 8th, has also been cancelled. As the number of possible classes continued to shrink, it became apparent to the ALL leadership that the most prudent response to the pandemic would be to cancel all classes for the Spring Term. These measures are being taken for the safety of the ALL community in coordination with the First Congregational Church, Oregon State University, and State of Oregon guidelines and actions. There are several follow-on questions to be addressed and decisions that need to be made in the coming months. The following list of items, while not exhaustive, should provide some insight into some of these areas. Please feel free to raise an issue or provide information that may be helpful to the ALL Board. 2020 Summer Term has been cancelled. Fall Term planning is underway. Previously scheduled Spring Term classes may be rescheduled for the Fall Term, depending on the availability of the presenter and other factors. 2020 Celebration Dinner, scheduled for June 8th, will be rescheduled for the beginning of the Fall Term. On-going costs and incurred expenses for the cancelled Spring Term are being analyzed. Processes and conditions to address member fees paid and due in the Spring Term are being developed. The ALL Finance Committee will be looking at several options for current ALL members. ALL has accurate records of when memberships expire, any fees collected for the Spring Term, and expenses for the Schedule of Classes, room rentals, Program Coordinator contracted charges, etc. With ALL’s membership paying and joining ALL at varied terms, there are several different scenarios to consider. Continued monitoring guidelines and actions taken by the First Congregational Church, Oregon State University, the State of Oregon, and the CDC. Look for a market for undistributed printed Schedules of Classes as examples of the pandemic side effect! ? Your safety and well-being are of the most importance to ALL. Please feel free to share your thoughts about these decisions and any criteria that should be considered as ALL evaluates future actions. You can easily do this by sending comments to the ALL Program Coordinator, Linda Stevenson, at or leaving a message by calling 541-737-9405. Regards, Bill Kemper ALL Board Chair See the homepage to join ALL and/or register for Spring Term classes.   Frequently Asked Questions (Registration, Attendance and More)
This page updated: 3/22/2020