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Many class notes are stored on Google Drive.  To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in.  If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to access ALL notes. Music and the Brain 2 Karen Crane has provided notes from the class. Senior CoHousing Claudia Weintraub has provided a list of contacts for the Corvallis Senior CoHousing Project, now called Marys River CoHousing. Multigenerational Workplace Robyn Pease has shared notes for her class. Advance Directive David Cutsworth, who presented“I Thought They Knew My Wishes!” Or Why an Advance Directive Is So Important, has shared a resource page. Brain Aging Kathy Magnusson has shared her slides. Shakespeare’s Ocean and the Birth of Global Capitalism  Richard Barbour has provided several quotations relevant to his presentation. Death with Dignity David Grube has shared the slides from his presentation. How I Fell in Love with a Continent Dick Clinton has provided links to the music that he played during his presentation. Detained by My Country Mitsi Loftus provided a link to a recording of her presentation that was made in September, prior to her ALL class.  It is about 1:45 long. JPL’s Deep Space Communication System Bill Peterschmidt has provided the slides from his presentation. Re-visioning Aging Anna Sontag has provided a list of resources: New Perspectives on Dementia and Care Partnering. Practicing Peace Sheri Clough has shared several links:  Peace Literacy website; Jay Smooth video on anti-racism as dental hygiene; and The Oatmeal cartoon video on the Backfire effect. Cruciverbalism Grant Thackray has provided his presentation slides and the solution to one of the puzzles that he handed out during the presentation. 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Bill Wickes has provided his slides.   This is the direct link to the Interactive Eclipse Map. Photographing Solar Eclipses Lew Nunnelley has provided his slides. International Students Grace Atebe has shared her slides. Pablo Picasso Helene-Carol Brown has shared her slides.  She also provided a link to the Open Culture page for the 1917 ballet “Parade”. Architecture - TED Talks Bill Kemper has provided links to much information. Meditation John Edwards has provided a copy of his presentation. Earthquake Preparedness Patrick Corcoran has provided his handouts and links to additional resources Rice Bob Zeigler has provided his slides.  If you copy and publish any part of the presentation, please give credit to International Rice Research Institute where the work was done.

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