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Many class notes are stored on Google Drive.  To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in. 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Bill Wickes has provided his slides.   This is the direct link to the Interactive Eclipse Map. Photographing Solar Eclipses Lew Nunnelley has provided his slides. International Students Grace Atebe has shared her slides. Pablo Picasso Helene-Carol Brown has shared her slides.  She also provided a link to the Open Culture page for the 1917 ballet “Parade”. Architecture - TED Talks Bill Kemper has provided links to much information. Meditation John Edwards has provided a copy of his presentation. Earthquake Preparedness Patrick Corcoran has provided his handouts and links to additional resources Rice Bob Zeigler has provided his slides.  If you copy and publish any part of the presentation, please give credit to International Rice Research Institute where the work was done. Climate Change in Oregon Meghan Dalton has provided links to the full Third Oregon Climate Assessment Report and to a succinct two page summary. China’s Economic Growth Rich Wittrup has provided links to many videos. Ice Age Immigrants Loren Davis has provided his presentation of How Did Ice Age People Enter the Americas?  China’s New Silk Roads Susan Walcott has provided several suggested readings and a cople of journal articles. Reading List.  Area Development and Policy Journal articleJournal of Air Transport Management article. Caring for Caregivers Brooke Collison and Bob Lewis have provided some notes related to the class. U.S. Route 20 Realignment Darryl James’ slides are now available as a PDF.  The file size has been reduced from 315 MB to 7 MB, but it is still a large file to download.  However, clicking on the link will allow you to scroll through the slides using your browser without downloading. How WW II Changed American’s Perception of China Susan Glosser has provided a few promotional articles from Life magazine. United China Relief (UCR) was an organization that the editor of LIfe, Henry Luce, helped found to provide civilian aid to China during World War Two. UCR played a central role in remaking Americans' image of China in the 1940s. Familiar Strangers: Islam and Muslims in China By Jonathan Lipman.  Presentation slidesBibliography Mexico as Inspiration Mike Curtis has provided links to videos of performances of several of his compositions. Peace Corps Scott Roskelly has shared the presentation slides from his October 21 class.  The contact for Corvallis Returned Peace Corp Volunteers Organization is Ted Cox at Old World Deli. Corvallis Public Education Ryan Noss has shared his presentation slides. Building the Library Collection Carrie Ottow and Bonnie Brozozoski have shared their presentation slides. Models of the Sacred Judy Ringle has shared her presentation.  The handout has been incorporated into the PDF of the slide show.

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