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Many class notes are stored on Google Drive.  To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in.  If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to access ALL notes. Population, Poverty, Policy 1/13/2020  David Rothwell has shared his presentation. Utopia 1/23/2020  Cliff Meneken has provided a bibliography. Qigong for Healthy Aging 1/14/2020  Alex Diaz has provided notes related to his presentation. Engaging Iran 1/14/2020 Paul Barker has shared his presentation. Our Energy Future 11/21/2019  Peter Greenberg has shared his presentation. Indie Author 11/5/2019  Yasmin Ramahi has provided a handout. Space Exploration 10/31/2019  Randall Milstein has shared his slides. Jubilate 10/29/2019 Jubilate has a website. Legal & Medical Issues 10/23/2019  David Grube and Ron Marek have provided a handout. Curbside Recycling 10/16/2019 Julie Jackson has provided her slides. AI for Biodiversity Monitoring 10/10/2019  Weng-Keen Wong has provided his slides. Examining the Old Ways 10/2/2019  Cliff Meneken has provided a list of readings and a timeline. Local News 9/26/2019 Bill Loge has provided his slides. Wine 8/3/2019  George Vierra has provided many documents. Islam 101 5/23/2019  David Fenner has provided his slides . Myth & Reality in American History 5/14&21/2019  Cliff Meneken has provided links to the videos shown in his classes.  Class 1Class 2. Misinformation in Online News 5/15/2019    Bonnie Brzozowski has provided a list of resources for her presentation Serendipity in Science 5/15/2019  Dudley Chelton has provided his slides. Politics Today, and What Arts Can Do About It 5/2/2019  John Frohnmeyer has provided his slides. LGBTQ Vets 4/30/2019  Paul Iarrobino has provided a handout. Cybersecurity 4/25/2019  Sheldon Greaves has provided his slides and a handout. Neighborhood Organizing 4/14/2019: Tracy Oulman has provided her slides and several handouts:  slidesblock party guide, get involved tips, ward map, links. Hacking 3/14/2019  Jesse Walker has made his slides available. Gardening for Birds 3/13/2019  Bill Proebsting has provided his slides. Plate Tectonics 3/5/2019  Bob Lillie has provided the slides, the handout and an additional slide set.  Unfortunately, the background music for the additional slide set is not available. Tai Chi 2/20/2019  Patty Flatt has shared her materials from the class, The Health Benefits of Practicing Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). Slides, Resources, Poster Post-Truth Science 2/19/2019 Jane Lubchenco has provided the slides from her presentation. Working Class Vote 2/06/2019  Allison Hurst has provided her slides including much additional material that was not presented. Hibernation for Humans 2/5/2019  Matt Andrews has provided information related to his presentation.

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