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 Academy for Lifelong Learning

Fall Term 2020 Began Sept. 22 ALL Classes are Online Check the Current Events Tab For This Week’s Classes Beginners Guide to Using Zoom to Attend ALL Classes
Our brains are hungry for new learning throughout our lives. Organizations like the Academy for Lifelong Learning are increasingly popular with inquisitive adults who learn for the joy of it. An A to Z sampling of ALL’s offerings have included: Aviaries, Beethoven, Crows, Darkside Cinema, Ecology, Fungi, Glass Working, Havana, Islam, Japanese Internment, Karma, Labyrinths, Men in Drag, Nukes, Oboes, Puzzles, Qu’ran, Roses, Sustainability, Transcendentalism, Utopias, Vikings, Wolves, Xerxes, Yeast, Zen- plus socializing, field trips, and high quality presenters. Become part of this highly satisfying endeavor. Join us in ALL!


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