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 Academy for Lifelong Learning

ALL Classes are Online Spring Term 2021 We began online classes a year ago. There have been challenges, but also unexpected positives.
We in ALL learn for the joy of it. Now, we are not only ALL, but ZEAL: Zoom-Enhanced Adult Learning! In the online format we continue to offer excellent classes from inspired speakers. We look forward to being together in person again, but meanwhile we are thriving. We explore topics from A to Z: Aviaries, Beethoven, Crows, Dirt, Ecology, Fungi, Glass Working, Havana, Islam, Japanese Internment, Karma, Labyrinths, Memory, Nukes, Oboes, Puzzles, Qu’ran, Roses, Sustainability, Transcendentalism, Utopias, Vikings, Wolves, Xerxes, Yeast, Zen – Sign up, log in, and join us!


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